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carpenterchild's Journal

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Carpenter Child

Request open to all :)
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. ..
. hello
This is shiruji_angie's graphic-blog :) I usually post on kakapum, the graphic-community that kaqueski & I share. Friend this? :) How to credit on LJ when you take some of my icons: here.

I like to read, watch movies, watch asian dramas (especially K-dramas, Chi-dramas and K-reality), animanga, music, nature. I like making graphics. When I'm bored I like to watch sports on tv, such as basketball, football, curling, snowboard, ice-skate-dancing (or whatever it's called), ski etc. People say I smile a lot :)

. icon contests
¬ basic_icontest ¬ perioddrama_ic ¬ capicontest
¬ elitesimplicity ¬ color_inspired ¬ total_icontest
¬ ic_animated ¬ example ¬ example

. some great icon/graphic makers
¬ example ¬ example ¬ example
want to be here? message me and I'll link your account here :)

. some great links
¬ freerice ¬ kshowonline ¬ fanfox (formerly mangafox)

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